Karoo San rock art mermaids 2

Whether mermaids exist in our reality or a mythical one, they certainly are an enduring idea. Nearly every culture and continent has legends and artwork depicting mermaids, reaching back before recorded time. Today, with the increasing availability of prosthetic mermaid tails on the market, as well as popular media like Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” the TV show “H2O”, and scores of books and websites on the subject, the concept of mermaidhood is enjoying a fresh tide of new interest.

Ever since I was a kid, and saw the movie “Splash,” I’ve wanted to be a mermaid. Badly. I drew pictures, prayed, tried all manner of spells, like eating fish underwater while singing. When I was a freshman in college, and still didn’t know what to major in, I sat myself down one night to meditate until I figured it out. After an hour or so of deep soul-searching, I realized I still wanted the same thing I wanted as a child – to be a mermaid. Later, in my twenties, when I lived in the Carribbean, I’d swim in the open sea and look for them. Now, at 36, I still daydream of being a mermaid: my powerful tail propelling me through the water, the soft blue calm of ocean breezes rippling my scales, bathing my eyes in the beauty of underwater realms. Hey, everyone needs a happy place. Mine just happens to come with fins.

I’ve come to believe that while mermaids may not (or no longer) exist in this time and space, the fascination with and urge to be like them may have some grounding in a deep, innate aspect of our humanity. At least, for some of us, and we know who we are. Perhaps it was a branch of evolution that never quite blossomed. Or maybe it harkens back to the womb. We are 75% water, after all, and the chemical composition of our blood echoes that of seawater (much more so earlier in our evolution).

Sirenize Me is about showing you ways you can incorporate mermaidhood into your own life, to get as close as you can to your dream while still living in this Earthbound reality. And let’s face it, legs can be awfully useful for getting around on land, so why not have the best of both worlds?

You may not be able to become a mermaid, but you can become mer-made.


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